GREATEST Female Skaters of All Time?

The Greatest Female Skaters of All Time:

Elissa Steamer:

Elissa Steamer could potentially be the most impactful female skater we have seen to this day. She is the first female skater to ever get a cover of skateboardings bible, Thrasher magazine. Born on July 31, 1975, she is still skating strong today. Elissa Steamer made significant history when the 'Welcome to Hell' Toy Machine video was released in 1996. With a full part in this iconic video, Elissa became the first ever female skater to be featured in a full-length skate video. Aside from her talented skating and ability to fit in, Elissa received recognition from an unlikely place. While the Tony Hawk video game series progressed at the same time as her skateboarding career, Elissa Steamer was the only playable female character in the game. She was included as a character in the first 5 games of Tony Hawk's series. To this day, Elissa has mentioned that her biggest paychecks from skateboarding have come from the Tony Hawk video games. Andrew Reynolds was quoted saying that all the characters in those first games were paid huge royalties and once received a check for around $190,000 each. Elissa was included. In 2015, Elissa was inducted into the skateboarding hall of fame. Elissa Steamer paved the way for many more female skaters in the future.

Leticia Bufoni:

Leticia Bufoni is without a doubt the most talented and dominating female skater at this moment in time. She is a Brazilian professional with 5 gold medals from the X-Games. She grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil and started skateboarding at only 9 years old. By the time she was only 14, Bufoni left Brazil for Southern California to take her shot at the X-Games. In 2019, Leticia tied the record of none other than Elissa Steam for most X Games medals for a Women skateboarder.

Nora Vascancellos:

Nora is the first ever female skateboarder to join the Adidas team. Born on the East Coast in Pembroke, Massachusetts, Nora took a leap of faith in 2012 and moved to California to pursue a career in pro skateboarding. In just five short years, she became a pro rider for Welcome Skateboards, won a World Championship, and won Transworld’s Readers’ Choice Female Award. Nora’s success as a skater won her the attention of Adidas. The iconic brand signed her to join its skateboarding team, which also features famous riders like Daewon Song, Mark Gonzales, and Dennis Buschnitz.

Rachelle Vinberg:

Rachelle Vinberg is another badass female skater that every fan of the sport should know. She first learned to ollie the summer before she turned 12 after being taught by an older cousin. The experience got her obsessed with skateboarding. Vinberg expanded her repertoire of tricks by watching videos on Youtube and skating with the boys who lived in her neighborhood.

Lizzie Armanto:

Elizabeth Marika Armanto is a professional female skateboarder with dual citizenship in the United States and Finland. She was born to an American mother and a Finnish father on January 26th, 1993. Growing up in Santa Monica, California, Armanto was touched by skateboarding from an early age. She started skating in 2007 and learned the craft alongside her brother. Lizzie quickly developed a passion for skating bowls and vert.

Sky Brown:

No list of female skaters would be complete without the addition of Sky Brown. She was born in Miyazaki, Japan, to a Japanese mother and British father. Brown lived in American for several years before returning to Japan. She grew up in a family of skateboarders and has been riding for as long as she can remember. One of her earliest skateboarding memories is riding the park at her preschool.

Patti Mcgee:

Patti Mcgee is a skateboarding legend. She was born on August 23rd, 1945, and became one of the first recognizable female athletes in the sport. She received her first skateboard as a gift from her brother, which he built in woodshop class. It didn’t take long for Mcgee to fall in love with the sport. As one of the earliest successful female skaters, Patti blazed a trail that countless girl skaters have followed. For example, she was the 1964 Women’s First National Skateboard Champion. She also set the world record for the fastest girl on a skateboard after clocking 47 miles per hour during the 1964 Dick Clark’s World Teen Fair.